Programs - projects to meet the strategic objectives

1. Fundraising activities through Christian missions, friends, philanthropists, luncheons, dinners and charity organizations.
2. Recruit volunteers: doctors, nurses, students and others willing to provide services to the community we serve.
3. Creation of an on-site medical team to service the people of Ishiagu.
4. Provision of medications - source for free medications from charities and pharmaceutical companies

About Us


Uplift Help International Inc. has as its mission the empowerment of people

regardless of creed, race or status, by improving health and education and leadership.  All are served with dignity and caring.

Uplift Help International Inc. ministers to impoverished people in Africa and in particular the village of Ishiagu, Nigeria.  Newly established as a 501(c) 3 corporation, its goal is to improve the physical, spiritual, social and economic health of children, women and men.

Uplift Help International Inc., to get the necessary funds and materials, solicits and receives assistance from benevolent corporations and individual donors.  It provides direct relief and assistance to those in need through healthcare screening, pediatric surgery, and the distribution of free medication.


Board of Directors

Marcel Ajah, MD, FACOG, President
Rev. Fr. Chux Okochi Ph.D, Vice President
Jennifer Ajah Esq., Treasurer
Sr. Dolores Castellano CIJ RN, M.S., Secretary

Dominique Jean B.A. 

Reginald J. Baron, B.S., M.S. HR/LR

Jessica L. DiSalvo B.A., M.A., CCC-SLP

Rosa C. Giampietro R.N., B.S.