Medical and Humanitarian Mission
​Since 2005, Uplift Help International Inc. (UHI Inc.) has ministered to the improverished people of Ishiagu, Nigeria and most recently to the people of Ikwo, Nigeria. Members of the Board of Directors of UHI Inc. along with volunteers, both health care professional and non-health care professionals have traveled to Nigeria and provided health care for the people in difficult circumstances. Church halls are used as the sites for health care screenings and the provision of free medications. Lack of running water and electricity add to the difficulties of delivering the much needed services. These circumstances point to the urgent need for a primary health care center.

In 2014, due to the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa it was decided not to hold the massive health care screenings that year. Drawing very large crowds together would have posed a threat to both the people and the missionaries. The pediatric physicians from John Hopkins were not cleared to go on mission that year. The medications were safely delivered to be utilized by the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd and the local doctors who had been providing follow up screenings throughout the year. High blood pressure, stroke, typhoid fever, malaria, diabetes and malnutrition are among the health issues that were and are addressed.

However, an individual Pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, nurses and three volunteers did accompany Father Chux Okochi on the mission.
Among the achievements made that year were:
67 surgeries were performed on children of Ishiagu and Ikwo.
parents were taught how to care for their children following surgery
a Sister of Jesus the Good Shepherd, a nurse, was given the
  opportunity to observe the surgery - a good learning experience.

Lives were saved and improved. There is a high rate of both inguinal and umbilical hernias and hydroceles among the children of this region. One child presented with bilateral inguinal hernias and an umbilical hernia. Another child presented with severe pain due to an incarcerated inguinal hernia which was life threatening. This child was treated as an emergency and underwent successful surgery. Those having umbilical hernias also experienced embarassment, especially the girls. Often times they are made fun of.

The needs are enormous but surmountable with the assistance of generous individuals who offer their expertise and time and organizations who give of their goods and financial support.
Who can help?
​Each act of support can make a difference in the lives of people. Some may give of their talents and expertise, others may give a donation. Both professionals and non-professionals are needed as volunteers. Physicians in all specialties, nurses and all allied health care professionals are needed to provide health care services. Non-professionals are needed not only to assist the professionals but to help provide the services to the people. Still others may wish to assist UHI Inc. here in the States. They may serve in marketing and fundraising, networking and preparation for the missions. All can support fundraising efforts by attending fundraisers and/or submitting a donation.

What you can do:
Donate medications and supplies
  Render financial support
  Join us on an annual mission
Your Reward The opportunity to serve those in great need 

        The opportunity to experience another culture

        New friendships and solidarity with those in need and those who


Goals and Objectives

  • ​​To build a primary health care center (small hospital) that will include an out-patient department, emergency room, operating room for minor procedures, a birthing center, pharmacy, laboratory  along with office and supply space and assure its stability and services through grants, fundraising and collaboration with other people and entities
  • To create an on-site medical team to serve the people of Ishiago on a continuous basis by networking, solicitation and invitation
  • To provide free pharmacy and laboratory services by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies, charities and organizations
  • To provide patient family teaching related to preventive health care and health care needs by establishing formal and informal learning opportunities and lesson plans
  • To establish a volunteer core by  networking with health care professional who would volunteer their time and expertise for both adult and child care services targeting the specific needs of the people and the region  

Please mail your check or money

payable to the order of:

Uplift Help International

Post Office Box 173

Rockville Centre, NY, 11571

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